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How do I get backspin? 26. August 2015

Backspin is produced by compression of the ball with short irons and wedges so that the ball starts on the bottom grooves of the club face and runs up the face creating back spin.  Spin is accomplished when you hit down and through the ball before the club bottoms out on the ground.  The divot will always be in front of the ball, never behind.  Many players attempt to scoop or help the ball up with a flip of the hands. Your best players drive down and through the ball creating a divot in front of the ball.

1. Play the ball back in your stance

2. Set up with a wedge

3.  Swing with a good bit of speed at a steep angle of attack

4.  Drive down and through the ball creating a divot in front of the ball position

5.  A “high spin” ball will help on these wedge shots.  However, you will compromise distance.  Choose a ball that fits your game.  Low spin balls will still spin on a green.  If you want spin, use a ball and a club that will give you the greatest opportunity.

Remember, your set up is where your swing begins.  Ball position, posture, grip and stance width & sequencing of motion all contribute to your ability to compress the ball & create back spin.  Join us at the Wright Balance Golf Academy at El Cid Resort and we will show you how to compress the ball and create spin.


Why does my club path tend to track outside – in? 25. March 2015

The foundation of Wright Balance instruction is based upon balance research conducted in Dr. Frank Jobe’s biomechanics lab, Los Angeles, CA.  Part of the data collection in this study was placement of insoles with 1,000 force sensors in each shoe. The research showed that the club will track a straight line connecting the average weight distribution in each foot.

The following illustration shows an example of the balance configuration that will create an outside-in path.  You can experience this by standing and flexing your knees with a greater flex in your right knee than your left.  Note that your weight is forward in your left foot and back in your right foot.  Let your arms swing and and note the outside-in path.  This balance configuration will create an over the top swing, “fat” shots, a pull left or block right.  Their are several set up positions that will create your “balance configuration” at address.  Check out our golf school for more answers.

Open Line of Force

The following balance configuration is ideal for path and freedom of motion of motion and a clubface that remains square to the line the longest, all created at address:

5 Straight Line of Force (2)

my hands are always low at address; Why? 1. March 2015

Your hands are low for one of two reasons or both:

1.  You are set up too close to your ball at address.  Before you set your posture and ground your club, look left, then ground your club.  Notice where your club is in relation to the ball.  If your address position is on the heel of the club, you are too close to the ball.  If not, read #2.

2.  The Wright Balance research shows that the angle the club is placed in your hands determines whether your hands are hanging under your shoulders (neutral), inside the line of your shoulders (low) or outside the line of your shoulders(high) at address.  Look for an EBook on this site in the future on how to determine the ideal angle of your club at address that sets your hands under your shoulders.  Every person is different.

.Low shaft plane Grip Change square hips and neutral shaft plane


Would like to get rid of my slice for greater distance and accuracy 26. February 2015

Your slice is a result of a club path that is tracking left with an open face at impact. An open hip line at address looks like this balance configuration at address:

Open Line of Force

The Wright Balance biomechanics lab research shows that this configuration will result in an “over the top” swing where the club tracks left. When the face is open to this line, a slice is the result.  I would suggest you check your alignment, your grip and the angle of your grip in your hands.  Wright Balance golf schools will correct your slice and increase your distance.  Check out our golf school dates online.